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Maid Supply

Domestic helpers have helped us ease the housework. Due to busy work or many family members, as a mother or father, it is not necessary to tidy and clean the house. So, these tasks are taken on by maids that we have hired (or paid a salary). Among the roles of maids firstly, it helps to after and monitor children when we are busy working as well as elder parents who can make their companions. By monitoring children, parents who were busy with work can reduce the day-care cost and can be relaxed about their children’s growth. Moreover, our helpers are able to tidy up the house so that cleanliness an tidiness are maintained well at all times.

New Hiring
We are specialized in the hiring of foreign housemaids from the source country according to the employer’s requirement whereby we are able to suggest a number of maid profiles to be selected. Each maid will be carefully interviewed through Skype and strictly selected by our HR consultant and employers by filtering their experience in the field before the candidates land to our country. This helps to maintain the trust of our employers in terms of our helper’s work dedication. In fact, we will handle the whole hiring process from the beginning till end of the process, and we will be following up for the 2 years on our service update.
Renewal Service

Our journey with employers will remain for 2 years for documentation purposes. Examples of documentation services are document renewal or contract transfer of current maid to us. Furthermore, the renewal of work permit passports and other essential documents are also part of the service.

Training Service

All of our domestic helpers are sufficiently trained for continuous improvement in performance and quality. This allows us to provide helpers with rich experience, a positive personality, and an enthusiastic attitude for the employer’s selection.

Counsultation Service

VSHINE provides complimentary 2 years of free consultation service. We will monitor feedback from our valued clients on our service and the performance of our helpers. If any consequences, our counseling department will manage to deal with the problems faced either from our side or issues from legal landscape and solve it.
Caregiver Services
VSHINE is specialized in the hiring of foreign housemaids with extraordinary caregiving skills who can be a personal care assistant, nurse, therapist and etc. Our specialized domestic helpers often put the needs and interests of our loved ones ahead of ourselves, neglecting self-care. In term of handling elderly and infants, our specialized domestic helpers attend 45 days of special courses to professionalise in caregiving services to employers.
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