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Qualifications for Application for Helpers from Abroad
For employers who are looking to hire a maid, these are some of the eligibility criteria to take note of.

  • Applications can be submitted by the employer or through employment agencies registered with the Immigration Department of Malaysia at the Immigration office of the State as per employer’s address.
  • Make sure the application form and required documents are complete before submission
  • The employer and his spouse should have:
  • Children under 15 years of age OR
  • Parents who are sick / ill

The employer must earn an income, and each family is eligible to apply for one (1) FDH.
The employer qualifying wages according to the country of origin:

Country of Origin Employer’s Net Income (Monthly) Payment (Personal Bond)
Indonesia RM 3,000 and above RM 250.00
Philippines RM 5,000.00 and above RM 750.00
Sri Lanka RM 5,000.00 RM 750.00
Vietnam RM 3,000.00 RM 1500.00

1. Employers who have been declared bankrupt are not eligible to apply.

2. In order to apply for second Foreign Domestic Helper, the employer must:

  • have a valid reason
  • have income under the conditions stipulated by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

3. Employers who are Muslims are only allowed to hire Muslim Foreign Domestic Helpers.

4. Once the FDH arrives in this country, the employer should:

  • ensure that the FDH undergoes a medical examination at any clinic appointed by Fomema Sdn. Bhd. and
  • obtain the PL (KS) sticker from the State Immigration Department which will be issued within 1 month from the date of arrival.
Useful Information
For more common FAQs regarding the hiring of Foreign Domestic Helpers (FDH) and where to hire a maid, please refer to the official website of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Here
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